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CMod Interiors is a well-regarded design firm that specializes in creating modern, welcoming homes that are both stunning and practical. With a passion for style and an eye for detail, the award-winning designer behind CMod Interiors imbues each project with a sense of sophistication and usability. CMod Interiors strives to achieve the perfect balance between comfortable family living and stylish aesthetics, a task that requires a deft touch and plenty of experience.

Founded in 2014, CMod Interiors takes a thoughtful approach to space evaluation. Our designer reimagines your environment with a fresh vision, tailored to suit your family's current and future needs. Our designs combine functionality and aesthetics to create stunning spaces that eliminate your struggles and stress. All virtual base!

Our Philosophy//

Our objective is to build spaces that are not only functional but also extraordinary. We aim to create an atmosphere that is both stylish and comfortable, while also captivating and motivating people on a regular basis. Above all, our goal is to design spaces that people will cherish for years to come.

Elaine Chan

Our Designer//

Elaine is a talented designer who has honed her skills through hard work and creativity. She got her start at a small design firm in Boston, where she built a strong foundation for her career. In 2014, Elaine launched her own freelance company, Cmod+Interiors, where she specializes in designing beautiful and functional residential spaces.


A Simple five-Step Design Process for Easy Renovation or Remodeling - All Online

Our goal is to make your home renovation or remodeling, even just a simple decoration project a breeze, regardless of its scope. We've developed a straightforward, five-step design process that is as practical and efficient as our design aesthetic. We will communicate with you throughout the process, from the initial consultation and collaboration to the final completion. For on-site projects we will handle the complex moving parts involved in creating your stunning new home for your family.

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Our First Meeting: Setting the Stage for Your Dream Home

Let's start with a virtual meeting to discuss your preferences, wish list, and budget. This will give us a chance to understand your vision for your home and how we can make it a reality. During the meeting, we'll get to know each other and determine the best way to transform your rooms into a beautiful and functional living space.

Creating a Legally-Binding Agreement for Your Project

Once you have a preliminary design plan, including the budget and scope of work, it's time to draft a legally-binding Letter of Agreement tailored to your project. The on-boarding package includes documents that outline the terms and conditions of the agreement, signed by both parties, as well as instructions on how to access your private design portals. Once the retainer is received, the Planning Phase of your project can begin!

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Collaboration and Design Planning: Bringing Your Vision to Life

Our team will work together throughout the design phase to bring your beautiful vision to life. We'll source furnishings, finishes, and fixtures, and create design plans for your review in the next stage.

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Presenting the Reimagined Space: An Overview of the Design Plan

Once the design plan is finalized, we will showcase the transformed space and rooms with illustrations, fabric swatches, and finish samples. If the project is large, we may need to present it in phases. If any changes are requested, we will work to fine-tune them by sourcing alternatives. Our goal is to provide you with a design plan that is perfect for you and that you will absolutely love.

Modern Kitchen Design
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The Deliverables: Shopping List and Comprehensive E-Design Package

Our final design presentation, tools, and tips are all included in our comprehensive e-design package. This package is designed to guide you with a step-by-step approach to execute the design yourself. Additionally, documentation for contractors can be included for a small fee.


Our online design plans include all the tools you’ll need to create a well-designed space that fits you and your unique style.

Starting at $499/block


Full scale design

Comprehensive Design Services for Rooms or entire homes ,

Our design service can take care of your entire room, whole home, or multiple rooms in a block. From start to finish, we'll create a detailed design plan that you can implement on your own with our guidance.

Include: 1 Design Concept Boards , 3D Rendered Images, Clickable Shopping List

Starting at $1745/room


Visionary Render

Visualize Your Space with our 3D Rendering Service

Are you unsure about how a particular space will look after a renovation? Our 3D rendering service is here to help you visualize the space before making any decisions. By using general furniture layout, material selections, paint, accessories, and decor, we'll create a photorealistic render that will help you make an informed decision.

Include: Visionary render Image with 1 revision, floor plan and clickable shopping list.

Starting at $799/room


Kitchen & bath

Revamp Your Home with Our Comprehensive Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services

Regardless of whether you're looking for a simple material update or a full-scale renovation, revamping these spaces can be a truly transformative experience. Our services cover everything from schematic designs and material selections to purchasing, ensuring that you get the best possible results.

Include: 2 Design Concept Boards , 3D Rendered Images, Clickable Shopping List

Starting at $2375/room

Introducing "Designer by your Side" – a personalized design service tailored to meet your unique needs. Our service is perfect for those looking for ongoing design support and guidance throughout their renovation or interior decorating project. Our expert designers are available to answer your questions and provide valuable insights whenever you need them.

5-hour blocks of time are available for purchase.

Starting at $499/block


Designer by your side

Professional Design Services

No matter how unconventional your layout or spacious your open concept may be, we have the expertise to help you make the most of your space. We can also assist you in selecting the right materials for your project.

Include: 2 floor layout plan with 1 revision. 2 material selection plan with 1 revision

Starting at $425/room


designer pro

Explore Our On-Site Services Today!

Are you in need of on-site services? We're delighted to announce that we've teamed up with SOURCED INTERIORS to provide you with exactly that! SOURCED INTERIORS will collaborate with their skilled architects and builders to offer you a full range of interior design, furnishings, and decorations for all custom construction, new builds, and major home renovations. All you have to do is mention our name as a referral and you're good to go!


on-site full service design

Luxury Condos Design

Miami, FL

Multi Bedrooms & Bathroom Residence Renovation

Boca Raton, FL

Luxury 3 Bedrooms Residence Renovation

Bal Harbour, FL

Luxury 2 Bedrooms Residence Renovation

Bal Harbour, FL

Luxury Hotel Apartment Design

Jerusalem, Israel

Awards Winning


Seasonal Living, Indoor Outdoor Living Concept Design

Miami, FL

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2nd Place

Plum Wine, Luxury Urban Living Concept

New York, NY

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Residential Projects


Modern Classic 3 Bedrooms Historical Apartment Renovation

Hyde Park, Chicago IL

Contemporary Apartment Renovation

Byron Street, Chicago, IL

Contemporary Living Room Design

Warsaw, Poland

Basement Remodel


Contemporary Bedrooms and Bathroom Design


Bedroom Design

Boca Raton, FL

Glam Living Dining Room Design


Telluride Sky Resort Condo Renovation

Telluride CO

Boutique Apartment Remodel


What they are saying:

“Elaine provided us with excellent mock-up for a living room interior design project. She was attentive to detail, asked the right questions, and finished the project right on schedule. She was easy to get ahold of and receptive to feedback.”

-Hannah Bayer | Room: Living Room | Style: Mid-Century Modern-

“Elaine is extremely talented and very easy to work with. Her design is very creative, detailed, and adaptive to our specific needs. We are very impressed with the final outcome. She is a no-brainer choice for anyone who wants a professional job at a fair price. We will ask her again should we decide to buy another place. “

-DaCheng X. in Chicago, IL | Room: Full Condo | Condo Style: Modern Classic -

“Elaine was amazing to work with. She was always responsive and very helpful. I loved working with her”

Codrin A. in Chicago, IL | Room: Full Condo | Condo Style: Modern -

“I could consider myself to be someone that is discerning and expect high-quality service and product. I am in the process of moving into new construction and decided that my master bedroom would need a complete overhaul and new design vision. I went through hundreds of interior designers websites but found that there are different levels of design ability. Clearly, Elaine caught my attention because her portfolio demonstrated that she was professionally trained and cared about her work. Elaine is excellent at communication, understood my vision perfectly, and delivered her designs quite quickly. Even when I wanted to change something, she was happy to make me happy. I enjoyed this process and my room looks A-mazing!!!!”

C. Jackson in Boca Raton, FL | Room:Master Bedroom | Style: Norie Contemporary -

“I liked my designer very much, Elaine was very responsive and great about giving details. I really liked working with her.”

—Sandy Z. in Loma Linda, CA | Room: Living & Bedroom | Room Style: Modern -

“I had the pleasure of working with Elaine when I started my various design projects. In that time, I have had the opportunity to view her ability as a designer and space planner. Additionally, I have seen her accomplish tasks in a timely manner with impeccable organization skills and a positive attitude. I was also able to witness her transitional style and attention to detail which allowed me to put complete trust in her design decision making. I am grateful for Elaine’s work ethic and design skills. “

— -M. Reedy in Telluride CO | Room: Full House | Style: Contemporary-

“Elaine was super helpful and responsive! She guided me through every decision and made the process stress free. She understood the look I wanted immediately”

—-Taylor JonesGabrielle Yudkovitz in Redondo Beach, CA | Room: Living Room | Style: Contemporary-


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